Getting current: Coping with stress and the importance of breaking habits


*Stretches arms*

Huh? What year is it? Sorry, I’m waking from my hibernation.

I was going to post a witty picture of a bear waking from hibernation, but I couldn’t find one. Here’s proof. In case you’re wondering, my background is a big image of Toothless from Disney’s “How to Train Your Dragon” because I’m cool.

With that reasonably funny joke out of the way, I think now’s as good a time as any to update you guys on my progress.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve lost a little bit more than 10 pounds, which makes me feel like I should buy myself a trophy.  On the other hand, the past week or so I’ve eaten like a total jackass.  The big reason has been stress.  I, like I’m sure many, have a nasty habit of eating to cope with stress.  Read on after the jump for the awesome details. Continue reading


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Explaining the Brief Hiatus from Posting

Hello, all!

I am writing just to let everyone know that I haven’t died or forgotten about this blog (it’s like my child); I’m simply in probably the most jam-packed week of the year.  I am taking the LSAT on Saturday, have a landlord/roommate dispute to resolve at a meeting on Friday, need to write two papers for this week, and have a major interview next Thursday (at which I’m required to make a big presentation).  The result is very little time for anything other than work or those issues.  However, my experiences this week have given me a very clear picture of what my next post ought to be about: dealing with stress.  More after the jump.

I’m taking the LSAT, so here is a sculptor’s rendering of justice. I couldn’t think of a more relevant picture or a funnier caption. Deal with it.

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Getting current: Celebratory dinners, self control, and cocaine. Wait, what?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I’m assuming that’s a pitcher of smallpox. (image credit:

I mentioned in my first post that I would periodically post about what’s going on in my own weight loss process. My hope is that by writing about my own experiences, we (both you all and me) can gain some insight in to what works and what doesn’t.  These updates will also help to keep me accountable.

With that in mind, there are a few things I’d like to discuss.  The first is one of my biggest problems: justifying eating like a tool by telling myself “it’s a special occasion,” or, more commonly, “one time won’t hurt.”  All things in moderation, right?  Well, the problem is that I use this excuse all the time.  Apparently, a series of “one times” add up to a lot of times.  Who knew?  I bring this subject up because I fell victim to this excuse very recently.

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The Looming Specter of Thanksgiving

Oh, you sultry temptress you.

In the words of the immortal band Europe: “It’s the finallll countdownnnnn ba da da duhhhh ba da duh duh duhhhhhhh.”  Yes, we are less than one week away from one of the first of the three holidays comprising “the holiday season.”  Unlike most other holidays, Thanksgiving is characterized exclusively by eating.  A lot.  If you’re anything like me, you not only love to eat, but you’re also quick to justify it if it’s “a special occasion.”  I’m not going to let that happen this time, and I hope you won’t either.  To help, I’ve compiled some strategies from around the web.


  • Eat (and chew!) very slowly.
    I tend to eat really, really quickly.  I know you’ve probably heard it before, but a whole wealth of studies have shown that eating quickly translates into eating more.  The reasoning is pretty straight forward: we all know it takes a while for your body to realize you’re full, so the quicker you eat the more food you’ll consume before you realize you’re body wants you to stop.  So, the slower you eat, the less food you’ll ultimately eat.   Continue reading

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Setting my goals and making my plan

Hello!  Welcome to Get Well Blog!  Most of the introductory stuff I would share is already posted in my About section, so I’ll spare you the rehashing.  For now, I’ll outline what my goals and the plan I’ll implement to achieve those goals.  Plus, every now and then I’ll say something funny (hopefully).

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